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 Ostomy Celebration Belt systems are designed to protect your dignity while allowing you to lead an active life. Learn how to measure for a correct fit, get wear and care information, and order your belt with confidence.

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4″ Wide Celebration Belt


The Celebration Ostomy Belt








*The Celebration Belt will fit either right side or left side stomas and is an excellent choice for Ostomates with Colostomy, Ileostomy and Urostomy procedures.


*Sizes are available from 27” to 56”. Larger or smaller sizes are available on request.


*The Celebration is made to work with the pouch you are using.It is available with pull through openings of 2-3/8” round, 2-3/4 “ round or 3-1/2” X 2-3/4″  oval for larger pouch systems.


*The Celebration is made of a soft “Tricot” material backing and a “Velfoam” face material with an open weave elastic designed for long life and easy care.All of these materials are Latex Free.


*The stoma support plate which fits into a pocket of the belt works to prevent leaking by maintaining support around your stoma as well as supporting a hernia should you have one.


*The stoma shield which affixes to the front of the Celebration Belt will allow proper flow into your pouch while protecting your stoma from irritation or trauma from seat belts or work place or sports activities.


*The adjustable pocket below the body of the belt holds your pouch so that it does not sway as you move and holds the weight of the pouch as it fills.This prevents any pulling on your wafer and also prevents leaks.


*The Celebration® Belt is an elegantly simple design that gives support to your ostomy.



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